If you are still at the business location, please talk to your bartender or the manager to fix the error. Bartenders control the Rooam e-tabs and by talking to them first, it could straighten out the problem in seconds.

If you have noticed the error afterwards on your receipt, please follow the instructions below to contact Rooam to resolve this issue.

  1. Tap on the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) at the top left corner which will activate the navigation.
  2. Choose "Help / Support" in the navigation screen.
  3. Select "Payments" in the help section.
  4. Tap the "Specific Tab" in the help section.
  5. Choose "I was charged incorrectly."
  6. Enter your email in the input at the bottom of the screen and we will contact you shortly.

Note: When a tab is open with Rooam, temporary pre-authorizations are placed on your payment card for fraud protection, and will not actually be charged to your card. When first opening a tab, the temporary pre-authorization amount is $25, then increments of $50 as your total tab amount increases.